Representation. Annual General Meeting. Owner´s Community.


Summer is near. This is a very typical moment to call Annual General Meetings in owner´s communities.

It´s very often that there is only one meeting every year in owner´s community with non-residents majority. It is not illegal but unusual from a Spanish point of view.

Most of owners cannot attend to those annual meetings because they are non-residents. It´s impossible for them to give their opinions or express concerns about important issues decided in these AGM´s.

Spanish Condominium/Horizontal Property Law (15th art) allows the owners to delegate their vote to a third person (owner or not). What the Law requires is a Power of Attorney. It´s not necessary a Power of Attorney signed in a Notary deed (which has a cost), it´s valid also a private document with both parties identifications.

It´s essential attending to these meetings to vote against any decision agreed by the Community that could be adverse for our interest. This vote is key to be able to take a potential civil action in the future.

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Trust in a professional, trust in your Lawyer (Spanish). Do not trust in the Owner´s Community or in the management company which runs the Community. It´s just a common sense advice.

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